Sunday, 26 February 2017

About Me

I've always written for myself, random thoughts scribbled down into one of many notebooks (I have a notebook problem), and I've tried a few blogs before but I was always trying to find a theme, was always trying to write what I thought other people would want to read instead of what I wanted to.  I've had some big life changes since I last tried to blog and it's a new year so I'm starting fresh and the only theme here is me. 

My name is Sam (hi), I'm 25, I was born in Canada but I am currently a member of the Great Britain short track speed skating team.  I'm currently a full time athlete but I have studied English Lit. in the past so I devour books, I travel a lot (although most of the time just from one arena to another), I like to take pictures (mostly of landscapes I haven't quite mastered people yet), and I like to write.  I'm not sure what direction this blog will take but I'm excited to see and I'm looking forward to writing posts with no pressure to fit into one specific box.

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